IndustrySA Issue 52


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This month we look at the oldest electrical contracting company in South Africa – Edison Power Group. Steeped in a rich history of entrepreneurism, true dedication and commitment to the people of South Africa, founder Vivian Reddy adopted the mantra, ‘Whatever you do, you’ve got to do your best’, following a chance encounter with lifelong hero, Neil Armstrong, on a visit to Japan. With nothing but a bakkie and R500, Reddy set up what was to become one of the leading companies within the electrical industry in South Africa today.
Stories such as these are not only humbling and restorative of faith, but they help to paint a bigger picture of South Africa as a nation, of one that is empowering and supportive.
We were lucky enough to speak with Hazel Chimhandamba this month, Head of Group Sponsorships at Standard Bank, following the news that Standard Bank has renewed its sponsorship of the Joy of Jazz Festival, taking place later this summer.
With acts including, The Yellow Jackets, Chicago-born jazz singer, Dee Alexander and The 3 Cohens, Chimhandamba explains why the arts is so integral to South Africans and why it continues to adopt such a prestigious legacy.
“The arts forms an integral part of our culture and its appreciation by the young and the old is vital in unlocking the opportunities that lie in the arts fraternity; art creates employment, drives social cohesion and contributes to the national GDP, but this is not possible if we do not breed and nurture artists and those who consume art.”
The Joy of Jazz Festival takes place 24th-26th September 2015.


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