Advertising with IndustrySA

IndustrySA has many opportunities for you to advertise and market your company’s services.

Whether you need print, digital, website or directory services, we have a service that fits!

With over 100,000 readers a month in South Africa and southern Africa, IndustrySA offers you the chance to influence your marketplace within a cutting edge market leading publication and can act as an excellent platform for company announcements and product selling adverts.

IndustrySA has a long track record of assisting small, medium and large companies in achieving their marketing goals – to date we have written for and placed adverts for industry leaders such as…..

  • Mondi
  • Nestle
  • Denel
  • Marsh Risk Consulting
  • JHI
  • Nando’s
  • Centriq
  • Anglo Group
  • Edison Power
  • ABB
  • eThekwini Municipality
  • Sage VIP
  • Standard Bank

The list can go on and on…..

Please see our Business Profiles page to see more partners that have used us to advertise or promote their operations.

In a world FULL of marketing opportunities, IndustrySA stands tall and strong, offering world class design and marketing services laced with an ethos of ethical standards, quality control and ultimately, a strong customer relationship – whether it be placing an advert for a client and assisting with free advice and design or conducting campaigns and connecting to a client’s supply chain in an honest, ethical and polite manner – we deliver because we care about delivering!

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